Portal 002 (Bergspris)
Metal sculpture challening old methods of drying hay, moutain stage prices and modern day physichal excercise. Exhibited at Ståntjärn, Falun as part of the exhibiton/running race Art Run within the project Skogen mellan oss. Permanently on view at Galleri Svarta Gran
Steel and concrete, 350x100cm, 2021.

Before industrialisation the use of the hässja was widely spread as the way of drying hay. Another construction called stackstod was also used and consisted of one vertical wooden pole connected to four tilted ones, creating a tent-like shape where the hay could be dried without touching the ground. This method was used where flooding were usual and around swamps and mores. Portal 002 loan its shape from the stackstod but also channels the notion of mountain prizes you can win in mostly bike races, and especially the mountain prize portal found in Evertsberg, where you pass on your way to Mora doing the 90k ski race Vasaloppet. Through running or passing through the metal construction a connection is made through history, following the journey of graft and labour through to our time and how we utilise physical activities.